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This site is dedicated to public education and publication of information on GAML, an XML-based format designed specifically for storing and archiving data from a wide range of analytical instrumentation. The development of GAML was catalyzed by a concern for protecting intellectual property within science-based organizations and building data management systems and processes that are compliant with Good Laboratory Practices (GLPs), Good Electronic Record Management (GERM), FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and other important guidelines and regulations.

While the GAML data format was originally developed with the goal of preserving the content of data sets generated from laboratory instrumental analyses, its design is flexible enough to accommodate many different types of data. In addition, being based on XML gives GAML a significant advantage in terms of extensibility to be able to address new types of instrumental analyses not even available today, while at the same time preserving 100% back compatibility. This is a significant advancement over 'static' representations when one considers that, depending on an organization's business and regulatory compliance goals, electronic record management practices may require storage of data for many years, or even decades.

Please feel free to use the information on GAML.org to learn more about this exciting technology. Use of the GAML schema is license-free provided it is used in its entirety and not modified in any way. All information posted at this site is in the public domain except where specifically indicated. Where links to other web sites are used, the publishers of those sites are responsible for the publication rights and ownership of their own information. GAML.org is not responsible for the content or usage rights of any information on other web sites.


Last Updated: June 22, 2007

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